TE Connectivity / Buchanan WireMate Two-Piece Poke-In Connectors

TE Connectivity's (TE) Buchanan WireMate Two-Piece Poke-In Connectors provide designers with a three-directional solution for wall mounting a device while improving the overall installation experience for the novice installer. Wires are routed through an opening in the wall to TE's WireMate Connector mounted on a wall plate. The wires are stripped of insulation and easily poked into the terminal block device, providing a reliable termination without the need for tooling. Wire extracting is also easy, with simple levers to release individual wires. The mating header is a surface mount attached to the PCB in the device to be mounted on the wall. The two-piece combination allows wall mounting of a device in three different directions: into the wall, along the wall, and in a twist or rotating motion.


  • Installation time-saving with poke-in termination versus screw-style termination
  • Simple lever design for the release of one wire at a time
  • Provides flat connector surface reserved for wire marking (color options available)
  • Allows easy wiring for home installation with tool-less poke-in wire termination
  • Achieves clear point of entry for wire insertion
  • Improves installation experience with three mating directions


  • Thermostats
  • Smoke detectors
  • Control panels
  • Environmental monitors


  • 5A (18AWG) or 3A (20-24AWG) current rating
  • 250VAC voltage rating
  • 2mm panel thickness
  • 18-24AWG (solid), 18-22AWG (stranded)
  • 10mm height (from wall plate to PCB)
Published: 2018-09-12 | Updated: 2023-01-04