Central Semiconductor CBRHDSH Schottky Bridge Rectifier

Central Semiconductor CBRHDSH full-wave Schottky bridge rectifiers include 1A/40V (CBRHDSH1-40L), 2A/40V (CBRHDSH2-40), and 1A/100V (CBRHDSH1-100) devices. This high-density, 1.0 and 2.0AMP dual in-line rectifiers are available in a durable epoxy surface to mount molded case, utilize glass passivated chips, and are designed for low-voltage full-wave rectification applications. The molding compound meets UL flammability classification 94V-O.

The CBRHDSH2-100 2A, 100V Schottky bridge rectifier is an energy efficient device with a low reverse leakage current of 0.7µA that addresses the need for a space-saving 2A, 100V full wave bridge rectifier for power management, solid-state lighting, and power over Ethernet applications. The Central Semiconductor CBRHDSH2-100 provides a 50% reduction in utilized board space compared to four individual Schottky rectifiers in the SMA package. Coupled with a low profile of less than 2.7mm, the Central Semiconductor CBRHDSH2-100 provides the ideal solution for the increasing number of applications with limited space requirements.


  • Low Leakage Current (700nA Typ @ VRRM)
  • High 2.0A Current Rating
  • Low VF Schottky Diodes (840mV Max @ IF=2.0A)


Central Semiconductor CBRHDSH Schottky Bridge Rectifier
Published: 2010-06-10 | Updated: 2022-03-11