CCS CAN Bus FD Development Kit

CCS CAN Bus Flexible Date (FD) Development Kit uses the Microchip MCP2542FD CAN FD transceiver chips to interface the bus to the TTL controllers. This kit includes CAN Bus FD prototyping board, in-circuit debugger/programmer, exercise tutorial, and 9VAC adapter and cables. This CAN Bus FD kit enables users to begin CAN FD network development with Microchip's PIC® PIC16 and dsPIC® DSC families.

CAN Bus FD Prototyping Board

CCS CAN Bus FD Development Kit

The CAN Bus FD Prototyping Board has dsPIC33CH128MP506, PIC16F18346, PIC16F15324, and PIC16F18346 four nodes. This board includes two RS-232 ports, an RS-232 level controller, 9 LEDs, three 7-segment LEDs, and two potentiometers. The CAN Bus FD prototyping board is available in 5.25" x 3.31" dimensions.

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Kit Contents

  • CAN Bus FD prototyping board:
    • dsPIC33CH128MP506
    • Two PIC16F18346
    • PIC16F15324
    • 30 I/O (11 can be analog)
    • Three MCP2517FD external CAN FD controllers
    • Two potentiometers
    • Nine LEDs
    • Three 7-Segment LEDs
    • Two RS-232 ports
    • RS-232 level converter
    • Four ICD jacks
  • In-circuit debugger/programmer
  • Exercise tutorial
  • 9VAC¬†adapter and cables
Published: 2021-08-25 | Updated: 2022-03-11