Broadcom HLMP-LG71-XZ0DD Through Hole Red LED

Broadcom® HLMP-LG71-XZ0DD Through Hole Red LED features a luminous intensity of  2400mcd and a wavelength of 626nm. This red LED provides a viewing angle of 40° x 100°, 47mA forward current, and 2.1V forward voltage. The HLMP-LG71-XZ0DD through hole red LED operates from -40°C to 100°C temperature range.


  • 2400mcd luminous intensity
  • 626nm wavelength
  • 10mm x 3.8mm x 3mm dimensions
  • -40°C to 100°C operating temperature range
  • 47mA forward current
  • 2.1V forward voltage
  • Through hole mounting style
  • 40° x 100° viewing angle
Published: 2018-11-29 | Updated: 2022-07-28