Broadcom High-Brightness SMT Round & Oval LED Lamps

Broadcom High-Brightness SMT Round and Oval LED Lamps are high-brightness through-hole LEDs in the form of surface-mount devices. These devices can be assembled using standard SMT assembly processes and are compatible with an industrial reflow soldering process. These LEDs are made with advanced optical grade epoxy for superior performance in outdoor sign applications. For easy pick-and-place assembly, the LEDs are shipped in tape and reel. Each reel is shipped from a single intensity and color bin for better uniformity.


  • High brightness InGaN (Green, Blue & White) or AlInGaP (Red & Amber)
  • Available in Green, Blue, Red, Amber, Cyan, and White
  • Typical viewing angle
    • 33° (All others)
    • 15° (AEMD-EG1K & AEMD-EL1K)
    • 23° (AEMD-EG2K & AEMD-EL2K)
    • 100° x 45° (AEMD-LM3L & AEMD-LB3L only)
    • 95° x 45° (AEMD-LG3K & AEMD-LL3K only)
    • 110° x 50° (AEMD-LY3N)
  • Tinted appearance
  • Surface mountable
  • Compatible with the industrial reflow soldering process
  • MSL 3


  • Variable message signs
  • Solar power signs
  • Monocolor signs
  • Gas price signs
  • Full color signs
  • Traffic signal

Package Drawing

Mechanical Drawing - Broadcom High-Brightness SMT Round & Oval LED Lamps
Published: 2018-10-02 | Updated: 2022-09-06