Bridgetek ME817EV BT817 Evaluation Board

Bridgetek ME817EV BT817 Evaluation Board is used to develop and demonstrate the BT817's graphics, touch, and audio functionalities. The board supports LCD panels with a 40-pin LVDS or 50-pin RGB interface. Backlight LED current can be adjusted using dip switches. Capacitive touch screens can be connected to the board through a 10-pin or 6-pin FPC connector. An Audio filter and amplifier are included on-board. This allows a 1/8W speaker to be driven. Audio sources can be supplied from the BT817 or through a line-in connector.


  • Supports 40-pin LVDS display up to 1280x800
  • Supports 50-pin RGB display up to 1024x600
  • Trimmable onboard LCD biasing voltages
  • Onboard LCD backlight LED Driver
  • Onboard audio power amplifier and audio connector for external speaker support
  • Onboard 16Mbyte NOR Flash Memory
  • 10-pin or 6-pin FPC connector for capacitive touchscreen
  • Supports SPI host interface through 2x8 pin header or 20pin FPC connector
  • Supports USB High-speed connection with FT4222H
  • 5V power supply via SPI host connector or USB Type-C™ port
Published: 2020-12-10 | Updated: 2024-05-13