B&K Precision 878B/879B Dual Display Handheld LCR Meters

B&K Precision 878B and 879B Dual-Display LCR Meters are 40,000-count, handheld LCR meters that measure inductance, capacitance, and resistance quickly and precisely. The 879B supports remote control using SCPI commands and can calculate impedance, Theta, and ESR, features typically found in bench LCR meters only. Fast auto ranging and quick measurement configuration such as measurement parameter and test frequency selection make the B&K Precision 878B and 879B LCR meters very simple to operate.

The meters include handy functions such as data hold, Min/Max/Average recording, tolerance sorting, and relative mode. Measurement data can continuously transfer to a PC via the meter’s mini USB interface, using either the provided data logging software or SCPI commands sent from a custom program.


  • 40,000 counts resolution on primary and 10,000 counts resolution on the secondary display
  • L, C, R and Z (879B only) primary measurements
  • Automatic calculation of secondary parameters D, Q, θ, ESR (θ/ESR for 879B only)
  • Fast auto range design for rapid, easy component measurements
  • Relative mode
  • Visible and audible tolerance mode
  • Data Hold and Min/Max/Average recording
  • USB (Virtual COM) interface
  • SCPI compliant commands for remote communication
  • Software for data logging and front panel emulation available as a free download
  • Configurable power-up-states
  • 3-year warranty


  • Passive component troubleshooting
  • Electronic assembly
  • Quality control (component sorting)


  • 32°F to 104°F (0° to 40°C) Operating temperature
  • 680ms Response time (typical)
  • Auto ranging mode
  • 0.5% Basic Accuracy
  • 0.6Vrms Test signal level
  • 1%, 5%, 10% Tolerance


  • Banana-to-alligator test leads
  • 9V Battery
  • Mini USB cable
  • Manual
  • AC Adapter (879B only)


Location Circuit - B&K Precision 878B/879B Dual Display Handheld LCR Meters
Published: 2010-08-06 | Updated: 2022-03-11