Aptiv Sicma SensoMate™ Connectors

Aptiv Sicma SensoMate™ Connectors feature T4 / V3 performance and are suitable for harsh environments. These high-performance connectors are available in 4, 5, or 6 cavity count (ways) and 1.5mm cavity configurations. They offer a 25G vibration rating, <60N connector mating force, and IP68/IPX9K sealing protection with a -40°C to +150°C operating temperature range. This series is compatible with the Sicma Mini-Sealed connector family. Typical applications for Aptiv Sicma SensoMate Connectors include sensors and actuators on engine mounts as well as air filters and pressure devices.


  • High-performance connector featuring T4 / V3 performance
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Connector position assurance (CPA) is pre-mounted


  • Sensors and actuators on engine mounts
  • Air filters and pressure devices


  • 4, 5, or 6 cavity count (ways)
  • 1.5mm cavity configurations
  • 25G vibration rating
  • <60N connector mating force
  • IP68/IPX9K sealing protection
  • -40°C to +150°C operating temperature range

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Aptiv Sicma SensoMate™ Connectors
Published: 2021-04-15 | Updated: 2022-03-11