Anaren High Frequency Resistors

Anaren High Frequency Resistors feature high-power performance, quality construction, durability, and reliability under tough conditions. Anaren's military- and instrumentation-grade resistors are designed for high-power applications from 4W to 800W. Anaren High Frequency Resistors are ideal for military and medical applications.


  • Broad product offering of resistors, terminations, attenuators
  • Range of formats, including chip, SMT, flanged, unflanged
  • Highest power handling, thanks to BeO and AlN ceramic construction
  • Extremely reliable under tough conditions and proven, longstanding product line


  • Military
    • Beamforming networks
    • Military radios
    • Combiners/dividers
    • T/R modules
    • Radio equipment
    • High-power detectors
  • Medical
    • Plasma generators
    • MRI equipment
    • Bedside medical devices
    • Mass spectrometers
    • High voltage power supplies
Published: 2012-05-03 | Updated: 2023-06-08