Analog Devices Inc. HMC8100 & HCM8200 Receivers & Transmitters

Analog Devices HMC8100 and HCM8200 0.8GHz to 4GHz Intermediate Frequency (IF) Receivers and Transmitters are integrated single ICs for microwave radio and RF communication applications. The HMC8100 and HCM8200 are compact solutions with transmit/receive functionality across a broad frequency range. The HMC8100 and HMC8200 product family is an integration of a number of functions also covered by standalone Analog Devices parts. These parts include an HMC215 mixer, HMC284A switch, HMC960 DVGA, and HMC900 filter.  The HMC8100 and HCM8200 reduce cost with no need for external switches or filter banks to simply design and reduce time to market.

The HMC8100LP6JE is an IF receiver chip that converts radio frequency (RF) input signals. These signals range from 800-4000MHz down to a single-ended 140MHz IF signal at its output. The HMC8200LP5ME IF transmitter chip converts 300-400MHz IF input signals to an 800-4000MHz single-ended RF signal at its output.


  • 8100
    • High linearity supports modulations to 1024 QAM
    • Rx IF range 80MHz to 200MHz
    • Rx RF range 800MHz to 4000MHz
    • Rx power control 80dB
    • SPI programmable bandpass filters
    • SPI controlled interface
    • 40-lead, 6×6mm LFCSP package
  • 8200
    • High linearity supports modulations to 1024 QAM
    • Tx IF range 200MHz to 700MHz
    • Tx RF range 800MHz to 4000MHz
    • Tx power control 25dB
    • SPI controlled interface
    • 32-lead, 5×5mm LFCSP package


  • Point to point communications
  • Satellite communications
  • Wireless microwave backhaul systems


Published: 2016-07-12 | Updated: 2022-03-11