Analog Devices Inc. CN0531 SPI Pmod Board

Analog Devices Inc. CN0531 SPI Pmod Board is designed for medical instrumentation, test and measurement equipment, industrial control, or high-end scientific and aerospace instrumentation.

The ADI CN0531 SPI Pmod Board offers flexibility with multiple voltage references and power options to adapt, depending on the application. Using the CN0531 Board, users can utilize the onboard positive voltage reference to connect external references. It is also possible to connect an external buffer if the onboard buffer doesn't suit the application.

The CN0531 SPI Pmod Board can also be powered internally or externally and can connect additional control signals to the digital interface to control the board quickly.


  • +/-5V Output range
  • 20-Bit signal generation control
  • On board precision 5V reference
  • All power rails generated using a single 3.3V source

Required Equipment

  • A PC with a USB port
  • A serial terminal program, such as Tera Term or PuTTY
  • The EVAL-CN0531-PMDZ reference design board
  • The EVAL-ADICUP3029 development platform board
  • The ADuCM3029_demo_cn0531.hex file
  • A microUSB to USB Type A cable
  • A 6½ digit or higher, Truevolt DMM

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. CN0531 SPI Pmod Board

Front & Back Layout

Analog Devices Inc. CN0531 SPI Pmod Board


Published: 2021-04-12 | Updated: 2022-03-11