Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-ADuM4223AEBZ Board for ADuM4223 Gate Driver

Analog Devices EVAL-ADUM4223AEBZ Evaluation Board is used to assess the features of the ADuM4223 Precision Isolated Half-Bridge Gate Drivers. The EVAL-ADuM4223AEBZ Evaluation Board allows designers to bootstrap the high-side supply to the low-side supply. To support the evaluation of the ADuM4223 devices, the board provides a 4A peak output current, 4.5V to 18V output drive, and high-frequency operation up to 1MHz. Because the EVAL-ADuM4223AEBZ accommodates footprints for IGBTs and MOSFETs in TO-263 or TO-252 packages, many different power devices can be used to evaluate the ADuM4223 Precision Isolated Half-Bridge Gate Drivers.


  • 4A peak output current
  • High-frequency operation: 1MHz maximum
  • CMOS input logic levels
  • 4.5V to 18V output drive
  • Supports TO-263 or TO-252 IGBT/MOSFETs
  • Bootstrap option
Published: 2018-02-14 | Updated: 2023-01-30