Analog Devices Inc. DC1739B-C Demo for the LTC3765/LTC3766 Converters

Analog Devices DC1739B-C Demonstration Board helps designers evaluate the performance of the LTC3765/LTC3766 Isolated Forward Converters. The demonstration board features Demonstration Circuit 1739B-C with the LTC3765/LTC3766 chipset. Demonstration Circuit 1739B-C serves as a 120W isolated forward converter with synchronous rectification. Using the Analog Devices DC1739B-C Demonstration Board, designers can assess the high level of performance and efficiency of the LTC3765/LTC3766 chipset in an active-clamp-reset forward converter power supply.        

Operating at 240kHz, the DC1739B-C generates a regulated 12V, 10A output from an input voltage range of 9V to 36V. Synchronous rectification enables the DC1739B-C to obtain efficiency exceeding 94%. DC1739B-C's secondary-side control eliminates complex optocoupler feedback for a fast transient response with minimum output capacitance. The DC1739B-C Demonstration Board is ideally suited for the evaluation of telecom, industrial, and other applications using the LTC3765/LTC3766 chipset.


  • Includes Demonstration Circuit 1739B-C
  • Eighth-brick footprint area
  • 94% or better efficiency with synchronous rectification helps achieve efficiency
  • Secondary-side control eliminates complex optocoupler feedback
Published: 2018-08-06 | Updated: 2023-02-22