Analog Devices Inc. ADSP-BF609 Blackfin Dual-Core Processors

Analog Devices Inc. ADSP-BF609 Blackfin Dual-Core Processors are optimized for embedded vision and video analytics applications. The ADSP-BF609 uses a dual-core fixed-point DSP processor with a unique pipelined vision processor (PVP). The PVP is a set of functional blocks next to the Blackfin cores. It's designed to accelerate image processing algorithms and reduce overall bandwidth requirements.

Features include a high-performance enhanced infrastructure, large on-chip memory, and a feature-rich peripheral set. The peripheral set includes expanded connectivity options. In addition to these the ADSP-BF609 processor contains features for safety-critical applications, including a CRC for memory protection, Parity and ECC protection in the internal memory blocks and a Fault Management Unit. 

The ADSP-BF609 processor is ideal for many embedded vision applications like automotive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). It's also ideal for machine vision and robotics for industrial manufacturing systems, security, and surveillance system analytics and bar code scanners.


  • Dual-core symmetric high-performance Blackfin processor, up to 500MHz per core
  • Each core contains two 16-bit MACs, two 40-bit ALUs, and a 40-bit barrel shifter
  • RISC-like register and instruction model for ease of programming and compiler-friendly support
  • Advanced debug, trace, and performance monitoring
  • Accepts a range of supply voltages for I/O operation
  • Pipelined Vision Processor provides hardware to process signal and image algorithms used for pre- and co-processing of video frames in ADAS or other video processing applications
  • Off-chip voltage regulator interface
  • 349-ball BGA package (19×19mm), RoHS compliant


Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADSP-BF609 Blackfin Dual-Core Processors
Published: 2019-04-17 | Updated: 2022-03-10