Analog Devices Inc. ADP8140 Evaluation Board

Analog devices Inc. ADP8140 Evaluation Board is designed to evaluate ADP8140 4-channel high current, LED driver with adaptable power control. The ADP8140CP-EVALZ board evaluates the ADP8140 device by driving LED strings with a maximum current of 350mA per string. This evaluation board comes with ADP8140EB-EVALZ with the LEDs. The ADP8140EB-EVALZ includes an ADP8140 with a P-channel Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (PMOS) field effect transistor regulation stage to power the LEDs.


  • Evaluation board voltage range:
    • 8V to 30V 3 LEDs
    • 15V to 30V 6 LEDs
  • 125μA to 350mA evaluation board current sink range (four adjustable channels)
  • Analog and PWM dimming inputs and LED current outputs
  • Feedback output control external power source for optimal efficiency and safety
Published: 2020-06-15 | Updated: 2022-03-11