Analog Devices Inc. ADATE318 Single-Chip Solution

Analog Devices Inc. ADATE318 provides a complete, single-chip solution for a wide array of ATE and instrumentation applications. The ADATE318 performs the pin electronics functions of a driver, comparator, and active load (DCL) with a four-quadrant per pin, parametric measurement unit (PPMU). ADATE318's VHH drive capability per chip supports flash memory testing applications. Integrated 16-bit DACs with an on-chip calibration engine deliver all necessary DC levels for operation. The calibration function also corrects gain and offset errors for each functional block. 

Designers can use the ADATE318 from Analog Devices as a dual, single-ended drive/receive channel or as a single differential drive/receive channel. Each channel includes a high-speed window comparator as well as a programmable threshold differential comparator. This single-chip, dual integrated DCL with a four-quadrant PPMU solution operates from -1.5V to +6.5V and delivers data rates up to 600MHz.


  • 600MHz/1200Mbps data rate
  • 3-level driver with high-Z and reflection clamps
  • Window and differential comparators
  • Per pin PPMU with −2.0V to +6.5 V range
  • Low leakage mode (typically 4nA)
  • Integrated 16-bit DACs with offset and gain correction
  • −1.5V to +6.5V high-speed operating voltage range
  • 0.0V to 13.5V dedicated VHH output pin range
  • 1.1W power dissipation per channel
  • Driver
    • −1.5V to +6.5V 3-level voltage range
    • Precision trimmed output resistance
    • 200mV minimum to 8V maximum unterminated swing
    • 725ps minimum pulse width, VIH − VIL = 2.0V
  • Per pin PPMU (PPMU)
    • −2.0V to +6.5V force voltage/compliance range
    • 5 current ranges: 40mA, 1mA, 100μA, 10μA, 2μA
    • External sense input for system PMU
    • Go/no-go comparators
  • Comparator
    • Differential and single-ended window modes
    • >1.2GHz input equivalent bandwidth
  • Load
    • ±25mA current range
  • Levels
    • Fully integrated 16-bit DACs
    • On-chip gain and offset calibration registers and add/multiply engine
  • Package
    • 84-lead 10mm × 10mm LFCSP (0.4mm pitch)


  • Automatic test equipment
  • Semiconductor test systems
  • Board test systems
  • Instrumentation and characterization equipment
Published: 2017-10-30 | Updated: 2022-04-28