Analog Devices Inc. ADA4805-1 Low Power Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers

Analog Devices Inc. ADA4805-1 Low Power, Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail Amplifier is a high-speed voltage feedback rail-to-rail output amplifier with an exceptionally low quiescent current of 495μA. Despite being low power, ADA4805-1 provides excellent overall performance. This amplifier offers a high bandwidth of 105MHz at a gain of 1, high slew rate of 160V/μs, and a low input offset voltage of 125μV maximum.

The ADI ADA4805-1 shutdown pin allows further reduction of the quiescent supply current to 3μA. For power sensitive applications, the shutdown mode offers very fast turn-on time of 3μs from shutdown to fully on (output settled to 16bits). This allows the designers to dynamically manage the power of the amplifier by turning the amplifier off between ADC samples. 

With ADI's proprietary extra fast complementary bipolar (XFCB) process, ADA4805-1 enables both low voltage and low current noise (5.9nV/√Hz, 0.6pA/√Hz). Operating over a wide range of supply voltages from ±1.5V to ±5V, as well as from single 3V and 5V supplies, ADA4805-1 is ideal for high speed, low power, high resolution data conversion systems such as battery-powered instrumentation, micropower active filters, portable point-of-sales terminals, active RFID readers, photomultipliers, ADC reference buffers, and high resolution, high precision ADC drivers.

Evaluation board ADA4805-1ARJZEBZ is designed to help designers evaluate high speed op amps and quickly prototype new op amp circuits and reduce design time.


  • 125μV (maximum) Low input offset voltage
  • Low input offset voltage drift:
    • -0.2μV/°C (typical)
    • -1.5μV/°C (maximum)
  • 495μA/amplifier Ultralow supply current
  • 3V to 10V Wide supply voltage range
  • High speed performance:
    • 105MHz -3dB bandwidth
    • 160V/μs Slew rate
    • 35ns 0.1% settling time
  • Rail-to-rail outputs
  • -VS -0.1V to +VS -1V Input common-mode range
  • 5.9nV/√Hz at 100kHz; 0.6pA/√Hz at 100kHz Low noise
  • -102dBc/-116dBc HD2/HD3 at 100kHz Low distortion
  • 470nA (typical) Low input bias current
  • 3μs (maximum) Fully settled high speed turn-on time
  • 6-lead SC70, 6-lead SOT-23 Small packaging


  • High resolution, high precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC) drivers
  • Battery-powered instrumentation
  • Micropower active filters
  • Portable point of sales terminals
  • Active RFID readers
  • Photo multipliers
  • ADC reference buffers


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Published: 2014-10-03 | Updated: 2022-03-11