Analog Devices Inc. AD9625 12-Bit 2.5/2.0GSPS ADCs

Analog Devices Inc. AD9625 12-Bit, 2.5/2.0GSPS Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) provide the best noise and dynamic range performance in its class for better receiver sensitivity along with the ability to discern smaller signals in the presence of noise, clutter, blockers, and interferers. 

These ADI A/D converters are designed for sampling wide bandwidth analog signals up through the second Nyquist zone. AD9625 features a combination of wide input bandwidth, high sampling rate, and excellent linearity that make it ideal for use in ultra-wide band RADAR, wideband front-ends for digital storage oscilloscopes, and data acquisition platforms. The analog input, clock, and SYSREF± signals are differential inputs. The JESD204B-based high-speed serialized outputs are configurable in a variety of one, two, four, six-lane, or eight-lane arrangements. These ADI devices are specified over the industrial temperature range of −40°C to +85°C.


  • 12-bit 2.5GSPS ADC, no missing codes
  • SFDR = 79dBc, AIN up to 1GHz at −1dBFS, 2.5GSPS
  • SFDR = 75dBc, AIN up to 1.8GHz at −1dBFS, 2.5GSPS
  • SNR = 57.6dBFS, AIN up to 1GHz at −1dBFS, 2.5GSPS
  • SNR = 56.7dBFS, AIN up to 1.8GHz at −1 dBFS, 2.5 GSPS
  • Noise floor = −150dBFS/Hz at 2.5GSPS
  • 3.8W at 2.5GSPS Power consumption
  • 1.1Vp-p Differential analog input
  • Differential clock input
  • High speed 6- or 8-lane JESD-204B serial output:
    • 6.25Gbps at 2.5GSPS Subclass1
  • Two independent decimate by 8 or decimate by 16 filters with 10-bit NCOs
  • 1.3V and 2.5V Supply voltages
  • Serial port control
    • Flexible digital output modes
    • Built-in selectable digital test patterns


  • Spectrum analyzers
  • Military communications
  • Radar
  • High-performance digital storage oscilloscopes
  • Active jamming/anti-jamming
  • Electronic surveillance and countermeasures


Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. AD9625 12-Bit 2.5/2.0GSPS ADCs
Published: 2014-05-13 | Updated: 2022-03-11