Analog Devices Inc. AD8615 Precision Amplifiers

Analog Devices AD8615 Precision Amplifiers are single rail-to-rail, input and output single-supply amplifiers. These precision amplifiers feature low offset voltage, wide signal bandwidth, and low input voltage and current noise. The AD8615 precision amplifiers operate at a 2.7V to 5V single supply voltage range. These amplifiers offer the highest output capability of the DigiTrim® family. The DigiTrim family is excellent for audio line drivers and other low-impedance applications. The AD8615 precision amplifiers operate at -40°C to 125°C over the extended industrial temperature range. These amplifiers are available in a 5-lead TSOT-23 package. Applications include barcode scanners, battery-powered instrumentation, multi-pole filters, sensors, ASIC input or output amplifiers, audio, and photodiode amplification.


  • 65μV (maximum) low offset voltage
  • 2.7V to 5V single-supply operation range
  • 8nV/√Hz low noise
  • >20MHz wide bandwidth
  • 12V/μs slew rate
  • 150mA high output current
  • No phase reversal
  • 1pA of low input bias current
  • 2mA of low supply current
  • Unity-gain stable


  • Barcode scanners
  • Battery-powered instrumentation
  • Multipole filters
  • Sensors
  • ASIC input or output amplifiers
  • Audio
  • Photodiode amplification

AD8615 Pin Configuration Top View

Analog Devices Inc. AD8615 Precision Amplifiers
Published: 2019-03-29 | Updated: 2023-08-25