ams OSRAM TMD3719 Evaluation Kits

ams OSRAM TMD3719 Evaluation Kits evaluate the TMD3719 ALS/color and flicker/proximity detection sensors. These kits comprise of a main controller board, industry-standard USB 2.0 interface, a TMD3719 daughtercard, USB HID class drivers, software documentation, and GUI software. The TMD3719 boards operate at -30°C to 85°C temperature range and 1.7V to 1.98V supply voltage range. Typical applications include brightness management for displays, color management for displays, camera image processing, flicker-immune camera operation, and touch screen disable.

Kit Contents

  • TMD3719 daughter card PCB with TMD3719 sensor installed
  • EVM controller board used to communicate USB to I2C
  • USB cable (A to mini-B) connects EVM controller to PC
  • Flash drive
Published: 2021-01-20 | Updated: 2022-03-11