Amphenol TCS Chameleon® Mezzanine Connectors

Amphenol TCS Chameleon® Mezzanine Connectors feature a highly adaptable system with flexibility, performance, and density. With Chameleon, users can mix and match the pin field as determined by design demands. The flexible stack heights allow designers to achieve a taller stack height with minimal loss of performance. Amphenol TCS Chameleon Mezzanine Connectors offer speeds up to 25Gbps+ to meet the demand for faster, smaller, and more compact application requirements.


  • Flexibility
    • Pin-field flexibility - differential, single-ended, and/or power (2.5A/contact) tooled configurations available
    • 6mm and 10mm stack heights
    • Configurable design
  • Density
    • 0.9mm x 1.35 mm in the space determined by the designer
    • Highly reliable BGA attachment
    • Parallel board-to-board
    • Pin counts 40 to 500+ and pair counts 16 to 160
  • Performance
    • Impedance: 100Ω +/- at 10% for 6mm and 10mm models
    • Frequency response
      • >-1 dB to 25GHz differential insertion loss
      • <-30dB to 25GHz differential far end cross talk
      • <-30dB to 25GHz differential near end cross talk
    • Insertion loss
      • 6mm >-0.4dB up to 25GHz
      • 10mm >-1dB up to 25GHz


  • Data
    • Rackmount servers / Blade servers
    • Storage servers / Storage devices
    • Data center switching
    • High-density Ethernet switching/routing products
  • Industrial and Instrumentation
    • Test equipment
    • Industrial control equipment
    • Emulation equipment
    • Embedded computers
  • Communications
    • Access switches
    • Routers
    • Optical transport
    • Wireless base stations
    • Datacom/Networking equipment

Performance Graphs

Amphenol TCS Chameleon® Mezzanine Connectors


Amphenol TCS Chameleon® Mezzanine Connectors
Published: 2015-04-28 | Updated: 2022-03-11