Amphenol Casco AC Engine Coolant Level Sensors

Amphenol Casco AC Engine Coolant Sensors are three-pin sensors that provide continuous level sensing while a vehicle engine is running. These sensors offer 20PSI maximum operating pressure and have a supply voltage of 4.75VDC to 5.25VDC. These Amphenol Casco AC Sensors feature Loctite Dryseal on the threads. Amphenol Casco AC Engine Coolant Sensors are especially ideal for use in heavy trucks.


  • 3-pin AC conductivity sensors designed for applications requiring continuous level sensing while engine is running
  • Ideal for use in heavy trucks
  • Terminals designed to address coolant shedding
  • 20PSI maximum operating pressure
  • 4.75VDC to 5.25VDC supply voltage
  • Output voltage
    • 1.20 ±0.25VDC in coolant
    • 3.75 ±0.25VDC in air
  • 2030100057 can be a drop-In replacement for existing sensors
Published: 2016-09-26 | Updated: 2022-03-11