Adafruit CircuitPython Starter Kit with Itsy Bitsy M4

Adafruit CircuitPython Starter Kit contains an ATSAMD51 Cortex M4 microcontroller breadboard, assorted parts, including an ItsyBitsy M4, and a carrying case. The 120MHz microprocessor is ideal for users who want a compact and powerful portable chipset. The ItsyBitsy M4 features numerous General Purpose Input Output pins and analog inputs and outputs. The Cortex M4 also has floating point support with 512KB Flash and 192KB RAM. CircuitPython is designed for users to write clean and simple Python code to control hardware.

Kit Contents

  • 1x Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express comes with loose headers
  • 1x maker-friendly zipper case in royal purple
  • 1x half-size breadboard
  • 1x 6-foot USB cable
  • 1x premium male/male jumper wires set
  • Starter pack component bag
    • 1x breadboard-friendly SPDT slide switch
    • 1x diffused RGB (tri-color) LED
    • 1x piezo buzzer
    • 1x photocell light sensor
    • 3x 12mm Tactile switches
    • 1x diffused 10mm red LED
    • 1x diffused 10mm green LED
    • 1x 10K trim potentiometer
    • 5x 10K 5% 1/4W resistors
    • 5x 560ohm 5% 1/4W resistors
    • 1x Blinka the CircuitPython sticker


Published: 2019-01-10 | Updated: 2023-05-25