Adafruit 1743 Breakout Board

Adafruit 1743 Breakout Board has a 3.2" TFT LCD display and a microSD socket comprising six white-LED backlights for good brightness and a colorful picture. The display has a 240 x 320 pixels resolution, which is way better than the black and white 128 x 64 display. This display comes with a resistive touchscreen, which helps detect the finger touch anywhere on the screen. The display can be used in 8-bit and SPI modes, where 8-bit mode needs eight digital data lines and 4 or 5 digital control lines. The SPI mode requires only 5-pins and is slower than the 8-bit mode. The 1743 breakout board wraps the display with SPI connections on one end and 8-bit on the other. Both are 3 to 5V compliant with high-speed level shifters and can be used with any microcontroller.


  • 3.2" display of 240 x 320 pixels resolution
  • Easy-to-use┬ábreakout board
  • 90mm x 60mm x 7.9mm dimensions
  • Product weighs 45gm
  • Two display modes:
    • SPI
    • 8-bit


Published: 2018-07-13 | Updated: 2022-09-12