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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 0805 27pF 50volts C0G 5%

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Product Category: Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT
RoHS:  Details
27 pF
50 VDC
C0G (NP0)
5 %
0.6 mm
- 55 C
+ 125 C
General Type MLCCs
VJ W1BC Basic Comm
Cut Tape
Brand: Vishay / Vitramon
Class: Class 1
Length: 2 mm
Package/Case: 0805 (2012 metric)
Product Type: Ceramic Capacitors
Factory Pack Quantity: 4000
Subcategory: Capacitors
Voltage Rating AC: -
Width: 1.25 mm
Unit Weight: 5.500 mg


5G Power Supply Solutions

Vishay 5G Power Supply Solutions are a portfolio of devices that offer the highest efficiency and RF noise levels for 5G mmWave base station applications. They have a high operating temperature range from -40°C to +125°C. Wideband filtering can be achieved with ultra-low ESR filter capacitors, and soft recovery diodes improve PSRR and RF noise floor. 

Ceramic Capacitors

Vishay Ceramic Capacitors are composed of a commonly used dielectric material that can improve capacitor power dissipation. Vishay Ceramic Capacitors offer both multi-layer and single-layer capacitors in a wide range of form factors and complements these offerings with a number of devices that are optimized for specific applications, including board-flex resistant devices and the HVArc Guard® MLCCs, which are designed to prevent surface arc-over in high-voltage applications.

VJ Commercial MLCCs

Vishay / Vitramon VJ Commercial MLCCs include C0G (NPO) and X7R/X5R dielectrics with a wide range of capacitance values, case sizes, and voltage ratings. The C0G (NPO) dielectric is ultra-stable and offers a very low-temperature coefficient of capacitance (TCC) and low dissipation. Other VJ Series features include excellent aging characteristics, wet build process, and a reliable noble metal electrode (NME) system. The C0G (NPO) MLCCs have a capacitance range from 1pF to 56nF and a voltage range from 25VDC to 1000VDC. The X5R/X7R MLCCs offer a capacitance range from 120pF to 6.8µF and a voltage range from 10VDC to 1000VDC.

Classics Capacitors

Vishay Classics Capacitors are products preferred by design engineers in all types of industries. The Classic Capacitors are a wide range of established, quality components that fit today's demanding applications. Vishay has been an industry leader of quality capacitors for over 50 years and continues to offer innovation, reliability, and technical performance to aid in the design and development of long-life end products.

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